Jaundice,Causes And Its Treatments

Published: 12th November 2009
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Jaundice is a symptom of hepatitis, jaundice causes your skin and your eyes appear yellow. The yellow color of the skin and eyes are caused by an excess amount of bilirubin.

Bilirubin is a yellow chemical in hemoglobin which builds up in the body when the liver cannot handle the blood cells as they break down, body and your skin may look yellow.

Susun Weed in the Childbearing Year has an excellent section on infant jaundice and treatments for it. Below I will summarize her excellent suggestions.

Jaundice occurs as a result of the breakdown of extra red blood cells associated with the transition form your fetus receiving oxygen from your placenta to supplying her/his own oxygen.

Cheladonium 3x is the recommended homeopathic infant jaundice treatment. Be sure to use this only homeopathically, not in herbal form.

Treat breast milk jaundice with the infant jaundice treatments described above or try increasing the enzymatic activity in your baby's liver and intestines with fresh wheat grass juice.

Jaundice is characterized by yellowing of the skin and the sclera or whites of the eyes. It is not a disease but only a sign to many other different diseases.


Excessive bruising from a traumatic birth causes more than the usual amount of red blood cells to be broken down, leading to higher levels of bilirubin to be conjugated.

The preterm baby is more likely to become jaundiced because of an immature liver which cannot cope with the high load of bilirubin.

G6PD deficiency is a condition where an enzyme necessary for the conjugation of bilirubin is missing or insufficient.

Breast milk may interfere with the liver's ability to conjugate bilirubin therefore the jaundice may be prolonged. Often, it is not necessary to stop breast feeding but if the levels become too high.

Jaundice is a symptom, not a disease and there are many reasons for it happening. It is recognized primarily by the yellow discoloration of the skin.

Berberis is a very effective herb for all kinds of liver ailments, especially jaundice. So effective is the herb that it is nicknamed 'jaundice berry'.

Jaundice is an outcome of uprise, in the bloodline, of bilirubin, a yellow coloured pigment that comes out by the breakdown of aged RBCs. It is normal for the RBCs to collapse,

while the bilirubin formed does not generally lawsuit jaundice Since the liver will metabolise them and thereby eliminate it inside the gut.


There are many drugs that can cause jaundice. Some drugs could leave the liver an inflammation or hepatitis almost similar to hepatitis caused by virus.

Still other drugs could affect the bile ducts and also leave them inflamed. The only treatment to this kind of condition is to discontinue usage of such drugs. However, it would still take a few weeks before the bilirubin is back to its normal level.

Another factor is genetic disorders. One of these genetic disorders is the defect in bilirubin conjugation in the liver caused by the reduction of the enzyme for conjugating bilirubin and glucoronic. This condition is referred to as Gilbert's syndrome.

Jaundice is only a symptom to more serious ailments. Jaundice or cholestasis causes other problems other than the yellowing of the skin and the sclera of the eye.

The stool could also become pale in color when bilirubin is absent or become too brownish because of too much bilirubin. The urine is also affected as its color could also become dark yellow or brownish.

Jaundice , other than the coloring, is frequently associated with itching called pruritus. This condition can sometimes become severe that the patient could not scratch their skin. Others could have trouble sleeping.

When the jaundice is caused by liver disease, the patient could experience fatigue, swelling of ankles, muscle wasting, fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity, bleeding in to intestine and worse, coma.

Since jaundice in cats is not a disease, the underlying problem needs to be treated before it will go away. If the underlying disease can be determined, it will need to be treated.

However, some diseases that cause jaundice such as certain cancers are very severe and incurable. These diseases are usually fatal.

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